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IP65 Waterproof Grade Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter SEI Series

SEI series inverter has 4 charging modes: Solar Only, Mains Priority, Solar Priority, and Mains & Solar Charging, and 2 output modes, Inverter and Mains Power, to meet different application requirements. With IP65 protection grade, it can be widely used for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Full digital double closed-loop control, combined with advanced SPWM technology to output pure sine wave

  • Advanced MPPT technology ensures 99.9% efficiency

  • Segmented charging and discharging function

  • Backflow prevention and grid connection

  • Insulation resistance and leakage current detection

  • Lithium battery dual activation function, which can be triggered by mains or PV

  • Power saving mode to reduce no-load loss

  • Full protection, including overload and short circuit protection, under-voltage and over-voltage protection, and reverse polarity protection

  • LCD screen and LED indicator design for real-time display of system data and operating status

  • ON/OFF switch for AC output control

  • Intelligent adjustable speed fan for efficient heat dissipation and extended system life

  • IP65 waterproof level for wide application use

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Product Details

Model SEI-5.5K-S
Battery Input Parameters
Rated Battery Input Voltage 48V ( Minimum Startup Voltage 44V)
Hybrid Charging Maximum Charging Current 100A
Battery Voltage Range 40Vdc~60Vdc ± 0.6Vdc(Undervoltage Warning/Shutdown Voltage/Overvoltage
Warning/Overvoltage Recovery…)
Solar Input Parameters
Maximum PV Open-circuit
PV Working Voltage Range 120-500Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range 120-450Vdc
Maximum PV Input Current 22A
Maximum PV Input Power 6000W
Maximum PV Charging Current 100A
Mains Input Parameters
Mains Maximum Charging
Rated Input Voltage 220/230Vac
Input Voltage Range UPS Mains Mode:(170Vac~280Vac)土2%
APL Generator Mode:(90Vac-280Vac)±2%
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz (Automatic Detection)
Mains Charging Efficiency >95%
Switch Time (bypass and inverter) 10ms(Typical Value)
Maximum Bypass Overload Current 40A
AC Output Parameter
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) 230Vac (200/208/220/240Vac)
Rated Output Power (VA) 5500(4780/4970/5260/5500)
Rated Output Power(W) 5500(4780/4970/5260/5500)
Peak Power 11000VA
On-load Motor Capacity 4HP
Output Frequency Range(Hz) 50Hz土0.3Hz/60Hz±0.3Hz
Maximum Efficiency >90%
No-load Loss Non Energy-saving Mode: ≤50W
Energy-saving Mode:≤25W (Manual Setup)
Basic Parameters
Certificate CE(IEC 62109-1)
EMC Certification Level EN61000
Working Temperature Range -25°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature Range -25°C ~ 60°C
Humidity Range 0% to 100%
Waterproof Grade IP65
Size(L*W*D) 556*345*182 mm (21.9*13.6*7.2 in)
Weight 19.2 kg (42 lbs)

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