Quality Control

Putting quality first is the core philosophy of Polinovel. We firmly believe that the most solid way to achieve long-term cooperation is uncompromising quality control.

Improved Safety Built With Firm Determination

720 degree panoramic view of the quality inspection site

Independent QC Lab

Polinovel’s sophisticated QC lab and dedicated QC team not only take lithium batteries reliability to another level but also ensure that design, performance, and accessories are compatible with each other. We also keep your solution on track to deliver as promised.

Specialized Product Testing

We use specialized and advanced equipment to perform charge and discharge tests, as well as series and parallel connection, prior to shipment. This is a great way to ensure that the solution you receive is both reliable and robust.

Highest Quality At Each Stage

Each solution has the optimal condition of the product, each battery has the strongest accessories, and each raw material has the most durable quality.

Incoming Material Inspection

Incoming Material Inspection

Ensure good appearance, correct dimensions and assembly alignment.


Module Inspection

Check the voltage, internal resistance, and insulation values of the battery modules.

Module testing

Tandem Inspection

The copper wire is checked for consistency, to ensure the screws are secure and the amount of voltage is correct.


Electrical Component Inspection

Ensuring that the M6 nut is in place, the waterproof plug is working properly, etc.

Parallel detection
harness connection inspection

Wire Harness Connection Inspection

Inspection of the main control harness for proper docking, BMS and harness for accurate connection, and all harnesses tied in the correct position.


Sealed Inspection

Ensuring that the screws are tightened, the seals firmly attached, and sufficient anaerobic adhesive is used.

Sealing inspection
water poured on the battery

Performance Inspection

Ensures proper operation of water, fire, dust and positioning performance, etc.


Total Inspection

Make sure there are no scratches on the surface of the housing, the parameters are accurate and the insulation performance is up to standard.

Performance testing process

More Streamlined Procedures, More Rigorous Testing

In addition to the flexible applications necessary for the solution, we provide the reliable batteries and long-lasting accessories you need to reduce your maintenance costs.

Quality First Policy

Safety is always at the heart of Polinovel’s production philosophy. We truly believe that safe products are the cornerstone of long-term development.

Assertive Attitude

We are committed to providing lithium battery solutions that are safe to use, safe to discharge, and safe voltages for a variety of applications.

International Certification

Polinovel lithium batteries are CE, UN38.3, and MSDS certified, guaranteeing that we comply with the industry’s quality and safety standards.

Compliance Rate


Test Rounds



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