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We are passionate about satisfying your individual needs. As we produce lithium batteries with fewer restrictions in terms of customization for you to choose the ideal solution.


Polinovel: Pioneer Of Lithium Batteries Industry

Polinovel values the efforts and results of each distributor. We have accumulated a certain number of distributors and have established stable and friendly relationships with overseas distributors in particular.

Profound Distributor Experience

We started to establish cooperation in 2019, and work very closely and amiably with our UK distributors. Through our reinforcement in R&D and quality, Polinovel’s products are well received overseas, such as lithium batteries with Bluetooth function.

Our first collaboration with the Canadian distributor was fast-tracked after just two months of contact in 2021. Together we developed the lead acid replacement lithium batteries with SOC display and guided the promotion of marketing.

Our Commitment To Talented Distributors

Marketing Support

Polinovel offers Google traffic sharing and tailor-made marketing strategies for Regional cooperation and business development.

Cost Support

Offering you a dealer exclusive discount price to improve your competitiveness with your peers while increasing your revenue.

Product Support

Polinovel will provide you with innovative product ideas and solutions based on market research from time to time, to improve your competitiveness.

Technical Support

All the support you need for battery repair and installation is available. In addition, we will send out experts to train your expertise.

Who We Are Looking For

Our experienced engineering team and skilled procurement staff work hand in hand to quickly grasp your needs and efficiently deliver lithium batteries solutions.

We want you to reach $1,000,000 in sales in the first year of working with us, with our help and advice.

Individuals who have experience in running a company, engaging in business practices, and sales experience.

Passionate about clean energy companies, or have the desire to develop a clean energy business.

Own a set amount of sales channels, with the ability to generate revenue through the network.

Consistently maintaining the principle of customer-first service and keep high-quality and continuous communication with our customers.

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