We are passionate about satisfying your individual needs. As we produce lithium batteries with fewer restrictions in terms of customization for you to choose the ideal solution.

Greater Versatility In Applications

Stretching from land to sea, Polinovel places your needs first all the way. From raw materials to accessories, from battery performance to service life, from charge protection to waterproof protection, our expert R&D team optimizes your requirements accordingly.

We strive to expand your business to more markets and make you more profitable.

RV Application


Marine Application


Golf Cart


Solar System Application


Power For Sustainability, Power For Strength

At Polinovel, we are exploring more possibilities for lithium batteries to fulfill more demands. With a long service life and safe yet pragmatic features, we hope to make a profound impact in many more applications.

Employees are gluing and fixing

Long-lasting Durability

The exclusive tri-polar design realizes more than 6,000 cycles of use, effectively extending the batteries life.

production line

Tailored Needs

We perform in-depth functional customization, such as IP67 waterproof level and Bluetooth monitoring, and other conveniences for a wide range of applications.

Tri-polar lug design of the electric cell

Extra Security

We targeted specialized accessories for fire, dust, and explosion protection, and used highly advanced techniques.

The technicians prepare to install the battery

Wide Temperature Range

Under high-heat conditions, using high-temperature cells, the heating film will automatically heat up when charging at low temperatures.

What Makes Our Solution Different?

By blending sophisticated design, proven technology and unparalleled service, we offer you the best choice in lithium batteries solutions, providing your brand with quality products and expert advice based on market strategy.

Abundant Experience

Polinovel has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has 2 agents overseas with over 80% of the market share.

Significant Capacity

With 2 professional production workshops and 8 production lines, we are capable of producing your bulk orders.

Elite Team

Our professional team holds the advantage of education, experience, and technology to take our products to another level in all aspects.

High-grade Technology

The latest exclusively developed cell material formula has been awarded a national patent.

Wherever You Raise A Demand, We Have Your Back

With a relentless pursuit of R&D passion for lithium batteries and a caring attitude, we help bring your vision to life, regardless of the characteristics of the application area, the complexity or the needs of the target market, we overcome any design and technical challenges for you.

Empowering Your Future

Polinovel’s lithium batteries contain 100% of our own technology, thanks to our diligent R&D professionals, powering the self-developed cells, improving the efficiency of innovation.

Empowering Your Present

With more than 15 years of industry experience, we have an excellent design and production team ready to advise on your solutions and provide exclusive service.

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