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Service From Start to Finish


Competent Technical Analysis

Our technical team can quickly analyze the feasibility, process difficulty, and technical complexity of the solution from your requirements and design a suitable battery product solution.

Customized solutions prioritize quality, employ advanced production equipment and skilled operators, and finally go through several rounds of testing to achieve shipments that exceed your expectations.


Protective Packaging

All batteries are packed in UN cartons or wooden boxes with 6 sides filled with regular pearl cotton to reduce the damage caused by squeezing or shaking of the batteries during transportation or handling.

Directed by our QC standards and international safety standards, the batteries go through more than 10 rounds of inspection, including self-inspection by engineers at each production step and separate testing of each performance.


Quick Response

We are here to help you with all your technical and product challenges by providing you with 24/7 dedicated service by phone, email and written guidance.

Polinovel guides batteries installation and operation, identification and diagnosis of operational anomalies, and other technical support.


Detailed Repair Guidance

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