We offer revolutionary and innovative lithium batteries for home energy storage, RV, marine, and other applications, bringing you safe and convenient energy.

Innovation Is The New Power

In order to cope with the growing market demand, we constantly reflect and research, enhance our core competitiveness in all aspects, and strive to provide you with timely lithium batteries solutions.

Innovative Materials

We have configured new flame retardant materials such as barley paper and epoxy plates inside the batteries, which can also avoid corrosion as well as resist voltage. The overall safety factor is improved.

Innovative Technology

Polinovel’s technical team takes an in-depth look at market needs and incorporates popular Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS capabilities into lithium batteries solutions via our own technology, making it ideal for a wide range of people.

Innovative Design

Our patented PCB construction design delivers stronger power to your batteries solutions, while our original locking screw design keeps the batteries functioning properly in all conditions without outside interference.

Where Ideas Become Actual Power

Shaking hands in the boardroom

Polinovel is engaged in building the supply chain resource integration, technology innovation, and smart empowerment capabilities needed to improve the overall profitability of your brand.

Profound Innovation Capability

Upgrading Your Power Supply Once And For All

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Proprietary Technology
R&D Professionals

Since laying down our industry leadership in Cryogenic and Bluetooth batteries, Polinovel has not stopped innovating. In our invention Lab, our technicians have worked on cell innovations, PACK design innovations, and functional innovations for batteries.

The never-ending innovation is sufficient to make your business flourish and move to the next level to achieve greater benefits.

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