Light EV Series

The Polinovel 12V small lithium batteries are long-lasting, fast-charging, have a low self-discharge rate, making it ideal for use in various deep cycle applications.

Manufacturer of Lithium Batteries for Light EV

Polinovel golf cart lithium battery GOLF SERIES

Polinovel is the industry-leading manufacturer of light EV batteries and lithium-ion forklift battery models. Our light EV batteries are compatible with different applications and are safe and durable. The lithium batteries have about 10 years of life span and can store maximum energy.

Our light EV batteries retain a flexible cell structure and support quick and easy installation. These lithium batteries also come with standard certifications like CE, UL, UN38.3, etc.

Applications of Lithium Battery For Light Electric Vehicle

The Polinovel’s lithium batteries are known to last longer with fewer downtime, which lessens overall costs. Our batteries are prominent for their high productivity, charging efficiency, wide temperature range, and warranty.

The lithium batteries produced by Polinovel are environmentally friendly and are fully insulated for safety. The strict quality control method ensures that our lithium batteries perform well in a variety of weather conditions and range of applications, including light EVs, scissor lifts, pallet jacks, AGVs, and electric forklifts.

Electric Forklift Battery

The electric forklift lithium batteries that are produced by Polinovel come with overcharge protection and a battery management system for additional safety.
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AGV Battery

The Polinovel lithium batteries can be used for Automated Guided Vehicles as AGV batteries. These batteries are relatively durable and ideal for harsh conditions, including mechanical shocks, humid settings, and vibrations.
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Pallet Jack Battery

The lithium-ion batteries made by Polinovel for pallet jacks have the capacity to last three to five times longer. They retain a high constant discharge rate and quick charging features with a durable structure.
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Scissor Lift Battery

Polinovel lithium batteries can be utilized in several scissor lifts as they are safe, rugged and offer superior performance. Many of them can be customized to meet the needs of scissor lift applications.
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Custom Lithium AGV, Scissor Lift, And Electric Forklift Battery

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Looking for reliable forklift battery suppliers to get customized batteries? If yes, then Polinovel is the best choice, as we manufacture a wide variety of light EV batteries that can be customized to match the requirements of the different industrial applications.  

What Can Be Customized By Polinovel: 

Why Choose Polinvel
For Forklift, Scissor Lift, And Pallet Jack Battery

With about 15 years of experience as a manufacturer of reliable lithium ion batteries for forklift, Polinovel supplies batteries for many local and international clients. The full range of services allows you to get the most needed products.

Flame-retardant Ability

The R&D professionals at Polinovel keep exploring flame retardant substances. In addition to that, they help in resisting voltage and preventing corrosion, which enriches the overall safety element.

install batteries customized

Low Self-consumption

Our light EV batteries have low levels of self-consumption which is fewer than 3% on a monthly basis. Our batteries always maintain reliable performance, which reduces maintenance and labor expenses.

Deep Cycle

Polinovel’s deep-cycle lithium batteries have incredible cycling capacities. They are developed to hold a massive quantity of energy with the capacity to release energy from 100% down to 0% without causing any damage to the battery.


Long Service Life

At Polinovel, we deliver lithium battery solutions that offer more than 6000 cycles. For commercial lithium batteries, longer service life means higher returns.

Advantages of Polinovel's Light EV Lithium Batteries

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High Energy Density

Polinovel’s electric forklift batteries, AGV batteries, and pallet jack batteries have a high energy density, meaning they can store more energy in a smaller size than other types of batteries. So that they can last a long time on a single charge, making them ideal for industrial or commercial light EV.


The lithium batteries of Polinovel’s Light EV Series are significantly lighter than other types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries. This makes them ideal to be used as electric vehicle batteries, such as golf cart batteries, where weight is a major factor in performance and efficiency.

The technicians prepare to install the battery
Production staff holding two different materials of the shell in comparison

Low Maintenance

The products of Polinovel, such as the scissor lift batteries, save time and money on maintenance and downtime, allowing operators to focus on more important tasks. The high power output of Polinovel’s light EV lithium batteries ensures that electric vehicles can perform at their best, providing reliable and efficient power for a wide range of applications.

Environmentally Friendly

Polinovel’s battery for forklift truck is a fantastic choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly power solution for their electric forklifts. These batteries are highly efficient, allowing for longer periods of use without needing to be recharged. Choosing Polinovel’s light EV lithium batteries is a great way to support sustainable transportation solutions.

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How To Cooperate
With This Scissor Lift, AGV, And Forklift Battery Supplier

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Our staff will send you the details of our standard batteries if your requirements match them. If not, our engineers will assess your requirements to custom-design a new battery model.

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Design Battery

We offer customization options related to the branding, appearance, and specification of the light EV batteries, as well as functions like screen display and bluetooth.

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Battery Manufacturing

Polinovel follows strict quality and durability inspections. During manufacturing, our lithium batteries undergo 12 test rounds with a 100% compliance rate.

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At Polinovel, global shipping rules are followed. We protect the lithium batteries by pearl cotton and we ship orders quickly using our exceptional supply chain.

Polinovel Powers Up
Your Forklift, Pallet Jack, And AGV Battery Business

Polinovel is a leading forklift battery manufacturer and helps clients boost their business by providing top-notch quality light EV batteries that can be customized and stuffed with safety elements.

Safety Priority Principle

As we prioritize quality first policy and conduct 12 quality test rounds, our light EV batteries are very safe. Besides, our light EV batteries will proceed to work safely in any setting as they have short circuit and overcharge protection.

R & D Capabilities

At Polinovel, R&D experts keep finding the best way to utilize technologies like smart BMS, Bluetooth control, GPS abilities, etc. on our lithium batteries. For clients who need low-temperature batteries, we can also offer the best solutions.

High Production Efficiency

Polinovel is highly popular for having a massive production facility and an 11,500 sq m workshop area. Our production line is relatively massive, and we can deliver bulk orders of light EV batteries within a short period of time.

Certifications of Polinovel Light EV Lithium Batteries

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