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Polinovel is a leading Bluetooth lithium battery manufacturer and delivers safe, reliable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced lithium battery solutions.

Excellent Bluetooth Lithium Batteries By Your Side

Polinovel manufactures several types of smart lithium batteries, and one such model is a Bluetooth battery. It is possible to control Bluetooth lithium batteries with the help of the mobile app.

Using the app, numerous parameters can be checked quickly like the charge current of the battery, discharge current, state of charge, battery temperature, and so on.

Functions of Polinovel Bluetooth Lithium Battery

At Polinovel, smart lithium-ion battery pack solutions are accessible in different styles. All our lithium Bluetooth batteries are UL-certified, CE-certified, and UN38.3 certified.

The lithium Bluetooth batteries manufactured by Polinovel authorizes the consumer to easily check the battery status using the free app that is accessible on all Android and iOS devices. This feature is helpful since the user can conveniently monitor the battery.

● Status: One can control and know the status of the battery whether it is in charging, discharging, or standby mode.

● The health of the battery: Using the app, it is easy to control and understand the health and overall condition of the lithium Bluetooth battery.

● Capacity: If there are numerous batteries you need to regulate, it is easy to know the capacity of each battery using the app.

● State of charge (SOC): The state of charge of the lithium Bluetooth battery will be displayed in percentage. The SOC indicator will help users know how much percent of power is left in the battery.

● Voltage: Prior to attaching numerous lithium batteries in a parallel or series, the user can see the voltage of the battery using the app. 

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Customization & Manufacturing of Smart Batteries

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Polinovel is a leading smart li-ion battery manufacturer known for manufacturing a variety of lithium batteries, such as LiFePO4 batteries, light EV batteries, Bluetooth lithium batteries, etc.

Our Bluetooth lithium battery solutions are equipped with the best functions like automatic shutdown, Bluetooth monitoring, laser welding, customized BMS, portable handle, patented PCB Structure, waterproof, automatic heat-up, double safe protection, short circuit proof, anti-theft, and so on.

What Can Be Customized By Polinovel:

Process of Cooperating With
Bluetooth Lithium Batteries Manufacturer

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To know more about our lithium (learn: Arctic Lithium Battery: What You Should Know) batteries or to order Bluetooth lithium battery solutions, it is advised to reach out to our Polinovel contact team. Our contact team is open 24/7, making it comfortable for clients to send over the information about the lithium battery they need.

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Design Battery

Our experts know that every client has distinct design requirements when it comes to lithium battery solutions. In order to meet the demand of clients, we offer customization options. We will design the lithium battery by keeping in mind the requirements of the client.

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Our production unit is equipped with automated machines, allowing us to produce a massive number of lithium batteries quickly. During the manufacturing, the products also undergo quality tests to take lithium batteries reliability to another level.

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At Polinovel, we take utmost safety precautions to ensure that our lithium batteries are packaged and shipped safely. We have a superior supply chain and quick logistics, which allows us to deliver lithium batteries to global clients within a short period of time.

What Makes Polinovel the Optimal Choice
For Smart Lithium Batteries

Polinovel has an experienced R&D team dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable, and durable lithium batteries. Polinovel lithium batteries can be safely applied in RV, marine, and other scenarios.

Advanced Technology

At Polinovel, our experts are constantly exploring new technology to make innovative lithium batteries.

We have about 50+ R&D experts who make new designs and use new technology to create unique and quality lithium batteries.

Polinovel Bluetooth Battery App

Comprehensive Customization

Polinovel is a global favorite when it comes to customized lithium batteries.

Polinovel is known for presenting different customization choices such as the specifications, performance, branding, and appearance of lithium batteries.

Cost Control

We offer high-quality lithium smart batteries at a reasonable price to help clients develop their businesses.

By working with us, clients can save a lot of unnecessary expenses so that they will have more advantages in competition with peers.

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Quality Inspection

Our QC experts at Polinovel have the control to regulate the manufacturing of the batteries strictly to ensure they are of the best quality.

They will inspect the produced batteries and checks the results of 12 different quality tests.

Polinovel Promotes Your Bluetooth Batteries Business

By cooperating with Polinovel, your brand can offer a broad variety of lithium battery solutions for your consumers since Polinovel is able to manufacture various types of standard lithium batteries and customized battery solutions. 

Develop Your Brand

In order to stand out in the current lithium battery market, it is beneficial for your business to order lithium battery solutions from Polinovel. We can print your brand name, brand logo, or design the battery cell housing to match your brand.

Advanced BMS

Most of our lithium batteries are equipped with Battery Management System function which will help your business gain more recognition than the market competitors. BMS is a smart safety feature for developed monitoring and supervision.

Excellent Quality

Polinovel’s lithium battery solutions are made using the highest quality materials, which makes them last much longer and perform much better. The good quality of the Bluetooth lithium batteries can help build a good brand image for your brand.

Certification of Polinovel Smart Lithium Batteries

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