• Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery
  • Polinovel 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery

12V 80Ah Dual Purpose Lithium Battery

Polinovel DUAL series are top-quality dual purpose lithium batteries for starting and deep cycle. With outstanding discharge currents, our DUAL series lithium batteries can start engines and provide sufficient power for appliances.


  • Dual purpose lithium battery for starting and deep cycling

  • High starting currents for engine starts

  • High continuous discharge rate to provide sufficient power for extended use

  • Advanced Bluetooth function for battery status monitoring

  • Remote control battery power on-off

  • Check multiple batteries at a glance

  • Wireless software upgrade to troubleshoot battery issues

  • Current and SOC calibration to ensure precise readings

  • Reset button for restoring Bluetooth connection

  • Emergency switch to jump-start engine

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Product Details

High-performance Dual-purpose Lithium Battery Solution


Polinovel DUAL Series is high-performance dual purpose lithium battery that offers a strong surge of power for starting and has a remarkable continuous discharge rate for a constant and steady power supply.

It utilizes top-of-the-line LiFePO4 cells with a smart Bluetooth-enabled BMS to deliver exceptional performance. What’s more, with robust anti-vibration construction and enhanced waterproofing, our battery is well suited for many applications such as marine boats, RVs, cars, trucks, etc.

Grade-A LiFePO4 Battery

Our DUAL Series lithium battery uses top-grade EVE LiFePO4 battery cells with long cycle life, low internal resistance, and good consistency. The cells are connected by advanced laser welding technology, to handle high currents and guarantee long-term reliability.

Dual Purpose Battery for Starting and Deep Cycling

Our DUAL Series offers high starting currents, making it an ideal choice for engine starting that demand a substantial amount of power in a short period. What’s more, it boasts an impressive continuous discharge rate, ensuring reliable power delivery for extended periods and enabling excellent deep cycle performance.

Practical Emergency Switch Design

Our dual purpose lithium battery is designed with an emergency switch on top. If the battery runs out of power, simply press it to jump-start the engine.

IP67 Waterproof Resistance and Shock Resistance

This LiFePO4 dual purpose battery has IP67 waterproof resistance and exceptional shock resistance to withstand even the harshest conditions.

To ensure its reliability, Polinovel has conducted rigorous tests. Our battery has been submerged in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes and dropped from 1.7-meter stairs 10 times. After these tests, the battery maintained a normal voltage and stable Bluetooth connection.


Advanced Bluetooth Functionality


Our DUAL Series lithium battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS with Bluetooth connectivity for real-time battery status monitoring through the iPolinovel app on smartphones.

Easy to Monitor Multiple Batteries

The iPolinovel app features a user-friendly interface and a minimalist design to ensure easy access to vital battery information. You can view multiple batteries at one glance, and get detailed data like SOC, Status, Voltage, Current, Temperature, Cycle Times, and Battery Health, for a comprehensive view of battery performance.

Unique Protect Battery Mode

A unique protection on/off mode is available to remotely cut off battery discharge, ensuring enhanced safety. The wireless connection range is longer than 10 meters (32 feet).

Optimized Design for Better Battery Management

Wireless software upgrade is offered to troubleshoot battery issue. And there are current calibration and SOC calibration to ensure accurate readings. If the displayed current or SOC deviates from the actual value, you can easily calibrate them within the app without using extra tools.

Reliable Bluetooth Connection

The battery features a reset button on top. If the Bluetooth signal is lost and the app can’t find the battery, you can press the button to restore the Bluetooth connection.


Model DUAL1280
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 80Ah
Energy 1024Wh
Starting Current 800CCA
Max. Charge Current 60A
Max. Constant Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 200A @30s
Dimension 279*175*188mm /11*6.9*7.4in
Weight 10kg / 22lbs
Cycle Life ≥2500
Charge Temperature 0~60ºC
Discharge Temperature -20~60ºC
Storage Temperature 10~45ºC

Wide Range Of Applications

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