Lithium Battery Capacity Loss

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Battery Capacity Loss

It is inevitable that capacity loss occurs during the battery cycling process. To optimize the performance of our lithium batteries, we should know what causes the capacity loss of lithium batteries.

What Causes Lithium Battery Capacity Loss?

Charge and Discharge Rate

Excessive charge and discharge rates will lead to faster capacity loss of lithium-ion batteries. The increase in the charge and discharge rate means that the polarization resistance of the battery is increased accordingly, resulting in a decrease in capacity.


Temperature can also affect the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. When working for a long time at a higher temperature, the side reactions of the battery (such as the decomposition of the electrolyte) increase, resulting in an irreversible loss of capacity. When working for a long time at a lower temperature, the total resistance of the battery increases, and lithium plating is likely to occur.

Decomposition of Electrolyte

During the normal operation of the lithium-ion battery, the electrolyte will undergo an oxidation reaction. After the oxidation reaction, the concentration of the electrolyte will increase, which will lead to a decrease in the stability of the electrolyte and eventually lead to the attenuation of the capacity of the lithium-ion battery.


Self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries means the natural loss of capacity when the battery is not in use. If the battery is self-discharged for a long time, lithium ions will be deposited, increasing the imbalance of the capacity between the two electrodes of the battery, and resulting in the loss of the capacity of the lithium ion battery.


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