Lithium Batteries for Cold Storage Applications

Working in a cold storage environment can be challenging due to the negative effects of low temperatures on conventional lead-acid batteries. Nevertheless, lithium batteries offer a solution by enhancing the efficiency of cold storage warehouses through their exceptional tolerance to extreme temperatures, long cycle life, maintenance-free nature, and the ability for opportunity charging.

The Best Battery Solution for Cold Storage Applications

When compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries charge faster, last longer, and provide more usable energy with each discharge. There is no need to swap, water, or bring batteries back to room temperature before charging, which simplifies operations and enhances efficiency in cold storage.

Lead-acid batteries can lose up to 50% of their capacity when stored and used in freezing temperatures, resulting in a significant reduction in operational hours. In contrast, LiFePO4 batteries maintain high-performance levels in cold environments, presenting an opportunity for cold storage distributors to cut costs and enhance productivity.

Enhancing Cold Distribution Efficiency with Lithium Batteries

The charge and discharge cycle of lithium batteries is between 2000-5000 cycles compared to 200-500 cycles for lead-acid batteries. The lithium batteries support opportunity charging. They can be charged anytime and anywhere, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Lithium batteries feature battery management systems (BMS), ensuring easy data collection and analysis for optimization. The BMS effectively monitors performance data and safeguards the battery against overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, extreme temperatures, short circuits, and other risks. This not only enhances the safety levels but also ensures efficient operation in cold storage applications.

polinovel forklift lithium battery 1
Polinovel Forklift Lithium Battery

Polinovel Lithium Batteries for Cold Storage Warehouses

Polinovel lithium batteries can incorporate a heating function through a BMS with a heating board, ensuring safe charging even at -40℃. These batteries are an ideal lead acid replacement in low-temperature environments, such as cold storage warehouses.

If you have any inquiries regarding how cold storage warehouses can harness the benefits of lithium batteries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for further details.

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