How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Golf carts are useful for moving equipment from one place to another. It can be around the RV park, the neighborhood, or the campground. 

When using a specific battery for the cart, owners begin to wonder about every slight depreciation in battery life – how long do golf cart batteries last? In this article, factors affecting the battery life of golf carts, three significant signs that indicate a golf cart battery, and a reliable lithium battery manufacturer would be recommended.

12V 18Ah Lithium Golf Trolley Battery
Source: 12V 18Ah Lithium Golf Trolley Battery

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

How long should golf cart batteries last? In fact, the longevity of the battery hinges on the type used. For instance, lead-acid batteries roughly last over 5 years while Lithium batteries last longer.

2.1 Lead-Acid Batteries or Modified Versions: 2 – 5 Years

Lead-acid batteries, just like other batteries, are used for assorted applications such as in vehicles (golf carts), UPS systems, and solar power storage. However, the lifespan of such batteries is limited when compared to other counterparts. 

Typically, a lead-acid battery can last for 2 to 5 years, depending on some factors such as usage, temperature, and maintenance. This short lifespan is due to chemical reactions, corrosion, sulfation, and a limited depth of discharge. 

72V 100Ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery
Source: 72V 100Ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery

2.2 Lithium Batteries: Up to 20 Years in Many Cases

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries last four times longer. Lithium golf cart batteries last up to 20 years in many cases which makes it an excellent choice for golf carts. Lead-acid batteries often deteriorate due to undercharging, overcharging, operating in extreme temperatures, discharging the battery, and so on. 

On the other hand, lithium batteries do not go through these problems because they have inbuilt protection circuitry, an advanced battery management system, a wider temperature range, toleration for deeper discharge, higher energy density, and a lower self-discharge rate which gives them a longer lifespan. 

Hence, it is advisable to choose lithium batteries for golf carts to enjoy a longer battery lifespan. Polinovel is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of lithium batteries and a force to be reckoned with for authentic lithium batteries.

Lithium Battery for Golf Carts
Source: Lithium Battery for Golf Carts

Factors Affecting the Battery Life of Golf Carts

Recently, how long a golf cart battery last has become a rampant question. Multiple elements affect the battery life of golf carts. The following are factors affecting battery life:

3.1 Maintaining Golf Cart Batteries

Maintaining golf cart batteries is essential because it discerns how long the battery would last. If it is maintained regularly, it prolongs the life of golf cart batteries, while not maintaining them regularly causes deterioration in their longevity and performance. This deterioration is due to capacity loss, electrolyte imbalance, corrosion, and oxidation. 

Lead-acid batteries can be maintained by inspecting the water levels at least twice in four weeks. Likewise, look out for corrosion in battery terminals and the connecting cables. If there is, it should be wiped with warm water and baking soda. Battery swelling or bulging should be inspected and replaced when discovered to dissuade it from exploding or leaking. 

3.2 Quality/Brand

Before purchasing batteries for golf carts or considering golf cart battery replacement, it is significant to choose quality batteries. 

How is quality assured? Quality is assured by buying golf cart batteries from a reliable brand. A top brand manufactures quality multi-purpose lithium batteries that assure enactment. Regardless, good batteries come with an extra cost because it saves more money over the years. 

Golf Series
Source: 48V 160Ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery

3.3 Features of Golf Cart Power-Consuming

The feature of the golf cart determines how it will consume more power. The weight of the golf cart determines it because the heavier the cart is, the more energy it will gobble to move. It is necessary to keep the golf cart as light as possible by withdrawing any unnecessary equipment or items that are not needed at a particular time. 

In addition, the speed at which a golf cart is driven affects power consumption. The faster the cart, the more energy it consumes. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the speed of the golf cart and drive at a consistent pace to maximize battery life.

3.4 Frequency of Use

The frequency of use is one of the factors that affect the battery life of golf carts. Using one battery excessively for a long period destroys the battery life. Hence, having up to two different batteries isn’t a bad idea because rotating their use ameliorates battery life. 

12V 24Ah Electric Golf Trolley Lithium Battery
Source: 12V 24Ah Electric Golf Trolley Lithium Battery

3 Signs that Indicate You Need to Replace Golf Cart Battery

Before golf cart batteries stop working, they often give off numerous signs. These range from taking excessive time to charge, leaks, bulging or corroding, losing power quickly, and so on. 

4.1 Batteries Taking Longer to Charge

An obvious sign that shows the golf cart battery is losing authenticity is when it takes forever to charge. For instance, if it takes a few hours to charge fully when it is newly purchased, and it now takes up to six hours without getting fully charged, then the battery life is wearing off. 

4.2 Golf Cart Batteries Lose Power Quickly

Another sign that indicates a golf cart battery needs replacement is when the battery loses power quickly. For instance, if the battery takes hours to charge and it gets low in a few hours it signifies that the battery is in terrible condition and demands immediate replacement.

If a golf cart battery depreciates, the next thing is to consider replacement batteries for golf carts. The earlier this is done, the better.

Golf Series
Source: 36V 100Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery

4.3 Batteries Are Leaking Acid, Bulging, or Corroding

The height of battery replacement is when it starts to leak acid, bulge, or corrode. At this point, the battery shouldn’t be managed, it should be replaced to avoid explosion or any other hazard. 

Corroding batteries can be wiped with warm water and baking soda, but if they are excessive, they should be replaced. Thus, it is advisable to replace the battery with a better one that wouldn’t leak acid or bulge. 

Replace Your Golf Cart Batteries from Lead-Acid with Lithium

It is no longer news that lithium batteries last longer. If a lead-acid battery is in use, it should be replaced with a lithium battery. It attracts other advantages like safer and faster charging, lighter weight to navigate faster, and so on.

Polinovel is a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of lithium batteries for golf carts and the top choice for golf cart lithium batteries.

Golf Series
Source: 48V 60Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery

5.1 Being Safer and Faster in Charging

Lithium batteries are safer than lead-acid batteries. They charge faster: three times faster and they maintain longer battery life. Lead–acid batteries can get discharged without being damaged or overused. Also, lithium batteries are safer because there are no toxic chemicals, acid, corrosion, or fumes which are all shortcomings of lead-acid batteries.

5.2 Lighter Weight to Drive Faster

Replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries comes with additional benefits like lightweight, which enables faster driving. Lead-acid batteries are heavier than lithium batteries, they tend to take more space and add excessive weight to the vehicle.

5.3 Lithium Batteries Last Far Longer

Knowing the answer to the question of how long do golf cart batteries last depends on the battery in use. Is it lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries for golf carts? When comparing longevity, lithium batteries assure more in battery life and lifespan. If both batteries are charged at the same time, a lead-acid battery runs low first. 

5.4 Remaining Stable in Varying Temperatures

Another significant reason is that lithium batteries remain stable at different temperatures. Lead-acid batteries are not in the best condition in excessively hot temperatures, which is not a problem for lithium batteries.

Polinovel: A Lithium Battery Supplier – Meet Your Needs

Polinovel is one of the most reliable golf cart battery suppliers and manufacturers, which is needed to avoid unforeseen breakdowns or damage to golf cart batteries. 

The following are types of authentic lithium golf cart batteries made by the company: 72V 100Ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery, 48V 160Ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery, 48V 30Ah Lithium Battery for Golf Cart, 48V 60Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery, and 48V 100Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery among others.

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6.1 All-Around Advantages of Polinovel Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Polinovel lithium golf cart batteries attract noteworthy advantages which makes them the best alternative. First, the battery charges fully in 4 hours or less which is faster than 6-8 hours in lead-acid batteries. Second, it has a long life cycle: can last up to 20 years. 

Third, it offers a high discharge rate which provides more power and battery life. Next, it has a gigantic drop in size to fit golf carts well. Also, it requires minimal maintenance which conserves time and effort. 

6.2 Custom Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Polinovel designs batteries to meet up with some precise requirements of businesses that purchase lithium batteries for golf carts. The packaging, cell chemistry, and configuration in terms of size, arrangement (parallel or series), and shape of each cell can be customized, which affects the capacity and voltage of the battery as a whole.


In a nutshell, the question of how long do golf cart batteries last has been clarified. The quality of the batteries has been assured and Polinovel is recommended. 

Different types of lithium batteries for golf carts are available. These batteries have mammoth durability, last longer, and charge faster when compared to other types. Hence, buyers can visit the official Polinovel website and get a quote now.

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