XT Series

Unique Iron Housing Batteries By Your Side


Featuring a unique iron housing on the market, XT series batteries in customization can benefit from the flexibility of design and installation, without being confined to a single style.

Can't Find The Battery You Want?

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Design Your Own Battery

Polinovel focuses on providing lithium battery solutions that are applicable to every industry. Utilizing excellent design concepts and advanced production equipment, we have helped over 100 brands design and produce custom solutions. Superior solution cost and delivery have made our custom solutions widely acclaimed.

Unlimited Power At All Times

Polinovel has a constant stream of research and development for lithium batteries, including smart Bluetooth features and convenient LCD screens. Through the combined effect of long-term life, great safety level, and wide temperature range, you can easily fulfill target market needs.

Enhanced Inner Design

Seasoned designers iterate on the performance by optimizing the cell craftsmanship and PACK structure, prompting stand-out solutions.

M6 terminal close-up

Smart Power Off

Automatic power off when the battery temperature reaches the preset temperature protection range.

High Discharge Rate

The 3C discharge method with strong power is enough to provide a long-time power supply, giving you no more worries about battery life.

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Lightweight Batteries

A third lighter compared to lead-acid batteries, allowing you to stand out in your target market and be ahead of your peers.

Power Up Your Business With Powerful Competence

We persist in excellence in production and constant innovation, aiming to create safe lithium batteries for your lasting function and flexible use.

Intelligent Iteration Capability

The intelligent BMS enables a variety of convenient functions, including Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi capabilities.

Diversified Solutions

A variety of battery cell solutions are available for you. With price advantage to reduce your cost.

Detailed Inspection

Each battery is guaranteed to be absolutely sealed and safely and smoothly energized.

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