HD Series

Multi-functional Batteries By Your Side


Supplied for more than 8 years, the HD series boasts a solid customer base with numerous useful features, including automatic heating, Bluetooth and automatic power-off.

The GPS and Wifi features we are developing also add more intelligent possibilities to the HD series, pushing the boundaries of innovation that will serve a broader consumer base.

Diversified Range Of HD Series

Can't Find The Battery You Want?

Close-up of customizable battery cells

Design Your Own Battery

Polinovel focuses on providing lithium battery solutions that are applicable to every industry. Utilizing excellent design concepts and advanced production equipment, we have helped over 100 brands design and produce custom solutions. Superior solution cost and delivery have made our custom solutions widely acclaimed.

Unlimited Power At All Times

Polinovel is focused on blending your individual needs with our strong innovation to support your brand with high-end products that increase your market share.

Superior Inner Structure

The PCB and locking screw construction extends the life of the batteries, improves reliability, and reduces maintenance costs for you.

PCB structure

LCD Display Screen

The convenient LCD improves the utility and allows you to expand the promotion crowd and benefit more.

Automatic Heating Up

The automatic heat-up system raises the temperature of the batteries in a low-temperature environment to ensure the availability of the batteries.

Box submersion test

IP 65 Waterproof Criteria

Waterproof up to IP65 level, the batteries are safe for further use in the boat.

Power Up Your Business With Powerful Competence

Polinovel integrates wireless technology into lithium batteries for innovative remote monitoring of battery parameters. Covering more areas of use, making it easier for you to succeed in your target market.

Superior Sourcing

We only purchase professional raw materials from prestigious manufacturers and store them in our warehouse according to regulations to ensure quality.

Minimal Maintenance

No matter the high or low temperature, the batteries can keep the purpose, which alleviates the maintenance cost for you later.

Non-stop R&D Efforts

We have added smart features such as Bluetooth function to the HD series batteries to keep up with the times.

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