48V 150Ah Lithium Battery for Popaboat Catamaran in Lithuania

48V 150Ah Lithium Marine Battery Installation
48V 150Ah Lithium Marine Battery Installation

Purchasing a LiFePO4 battery for marine applications is an ideal investment for its light weight, long life, fast charging time, high safety, etc. Our Lithuanian customer Popaboat has designed a new catamaran. Then they approached us to customize a LiFePO4 battery that fits the catamaran’s internal design. They have enough trust in us because we have collaborated once in 2021 and this is our second cooperation.

Popa Boat


The customer intends to install a properly sized battery for their newly designed catamaran. There are 7 gaps on their designed catamaran and they plan to put 50kWh into the space. Based on the information about the catamaran provided by the customer, we designed a 48V 150Ah marine lithium battery with terminals on the side. The use of 7 sets of batteries in parallel can meet the customer’s capacity demand. With a maximum charge current of 150A, the battery can be charged in as fast as 1 hour to ensure the catamaran’s sailing efficiency. And the battery is equipped with an intelligent 150A BMS to ensure sailing speed. We provided a 3D schematic diagram and a specification sheet to the customer for confirmation. The customer quickly approved our battery solution. They have installed and tested the 48V 150Ah marine lithium batteries and shared the test video with us. Check out the test video here: https://youtu.be/s3Th16Q6aao 

Final Thought:

As a professional lithium battery manufacturer, Polinovel listens to and understands customers’ needs, and strives to offer safe, reliable, and high-quality battery solutions based on customers’ specific requirements.

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