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Polinovel is a reliable lithium battery manufacturer offering energy storage battery models that are safe, sturdy, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. Also, these batteries are known to have a long lifespan and great cycle stability.
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    Explore Our Powerful Lithium Battery Backup

    We provide different specifications and a variety of customized monitoring functions of lithium batteries to meet  various applications

    large scale energy storage battery

    60KWh Industrial Large Scale Solar Lithium Battery

    commercial energy storage battery

    126KWh Utility Scale Energy Storage Lithium Battery

    large scale battery storage system

    198KWh Commercial Grid Scale Energy Storage Lithium Battery


    LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery Cabinet Series

    Super series

    Power Wall LiFePO4 Battery Super Series

    HSTK series

    High Voltage Stackable LFP Battery for Solar System

    Advantages of Polinovel
    Energy Storage Systems Battery

    When choosing lithium batteries for home energy storage, there are a number of factors that are worth prioritizing. For example, whether there is a powerful battery management system, and others. Polinovel is exactly the supplier that can offer a full set of residential battery backup solutions.

    Aesthetic Design

    Polinovel is known for delivering lithium energy storage batteries in various types and styles. For example, we currently offer stack-type models, wall-mounting batteries, cabinet battery models, and so on. The appearance of all those batteries are designed elegantly.

    Automatic Functions

    Our energy storage batteries have a variety of automatic functions. These batteries have the capacity to automatically accumulate energy for a steady power supply without the need for manual intervention.

    Good Compatibility

    We are proud to manufacture reliable, safe, and long-lasting energy storage batteries that show compatibility with different inverter brands. As all Polinovel’s energy storage systems batteries are equipped with professional CAN or RS485 communication.

    Long Life Cycle

    Our energy storage batteries have a decent charge cycle as they can perform thousands of charge and discharge cycles before slowing down. So users don’t have to worry about checking the battery status or maintaining it frequently and this saves a lot of time and effort.


    For households living in cold areas, home backup batteries are often difficult to use in winter. But Polinovel’s high-quality lithium-ion batteries are self-heating, allowing them to store and use electricity even in cold weather. Therefore, it is suitable for users in all regions.

    Parallel Expansion

    Polinovel lithium reserve battery provides users with a good solution to scale up their solar systems in parallel. Users can expand their solar system easily. Polinovel’s standby batteries are great for homes that need a lot of energy storage.

    All-round Customization of Ideal Home Backup Battery

    checking lithium battery

    Polinovel is famous for producing several types of energy storage batteries, including stack-type models, wall-mounting models, cabinet models, and many more. Whether your business needs standard lithium energy storage batteries or customized energy storage batteries, Polinovel is a
    reasonable lithium storage battery manufacturer.

    We can customize the power storage battery to grow your business by printing your brand’s logo, adding the brand’s colors, etc.

    What Can Be Customized By Polinovel:

    Process of Cooperating
    With Reliable Storage Battery Manufacturer



    At Polinovel, our technical team will get to you as quickly as possible once they go through the energy storage battery requirements sent by the clients. Our employees will share the details of our standard energy storage batteries if the client’s requirements suit them.

    In other cases, our experts will consider your provisions and technical complexity to create a customized residential battery storage model.


    We understand that clients have various design requirements when it comes to energy storage batteries. That is why we deliver different customization choices associated with the branding, performance, appearance, and specification of the lithium energy batteries.

    Also, all our top-notch customized batteries come with the best features like LCD display, positioning, etc.

    designer is designing on the PC
    Production staff holding two different materials of the shell in comparison


    In order to manufacture safe, high-quality, and error-free lithium energy storage batteries, Polinovel obeys rigorous quality and durability examinations.

    In the production phase, the energy storage batteries will go through 12 different test rounds. The manufacturing equipment is totally automated which will enhance overall efficiency.


    We abide by the global shipping rules while packaging and shipping the batteries. At Polinovel, the batteries are well-insulated and sealed with pearl cotton for additional safety.

    We also offer air or express shipping for bulk sample orders. Polinovel is known for its high-speed delivery because of its exceptional supply chain.

    Employees use pearl cotton to pack batteries

    What Makes Polinovel
    A Trustworthy Storage Battery Company

    Polinovel is a top-notch lithium energy storage battery manufacturer in China. We are known to custom manufacture lithium batteries that are on par with clients’ conditions. At Polinovel, one can find a broad range of lithium-ion battery backups for home models that are environmentally friendly, safe, durable, and accessible at a reasonable price.

    Research and Development

    Polinovel is repeatedly exploring and formulating new technology to create innovative energy storage batteries.

    We use innovative technology to incorporate features like WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth control.

    install batteries customized

    Comprehensive Customization

    Polinovel delivers diverse options when it comes to energy backup storage batteries. We have standard batteries and our experts can also create customized batteries.

    Our custom options can be tailored to the specification, appearance, performance, branding, etc.

    High Production Efficiency

    At Polinovel, there are several active production lines to ensure quick production.

    With the help of our massive production lines, we are able to deliver huge orders of energy storage backup batteries quickly.


    Follow-up Service

    After the purchase of the energy storage backup batteries from our company, we also offer post-sale services and follow-up repair options.

    We have a 24/7 active client service team that is always available to deal with inquiries and deliver technical assistance to our clients.

    Polinovel Power Up
    Your Residential Battery Storage Business

    Polinovel is one of the highly reliable energy storage battery manufacturers that is known for helping businesses grow with their customized batteries. We supply a broad range of lithium energy storage batteries that will meet your consumer demand.

    Develop Your Brand

    The demand for energy storage batteries is boosting, so supplying the best quality and customized batteries will help your business stand out in the market. By choosing Polinovel, we assure your business growth as we can customize the products according to your own brand.

    Uniform Manufacturing

    At Polinovel, we maintain a respective quality control team. In order to guarantee increased safety and precision coming to the batteries’ inner structure, our special QC team is known to rigorously regulate the testing of battery cell substances and the assembly procedure standardization.

    Enhanced ICT Technology

    The energy storage batteries made by Polinovel have improved ICT technology. These lithium batteries are provided with skilled CAN or RS485 communication and they can recognize transmitting information quickly and have an extremely fewer error rate.

    How To Cooperate
    With This Scissor Lift, AGV, And Forklift Battery Supplier

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    Our staff will send you the details of our standard batteries if your requirements match them. If not, our engineers will assess your requirements to custom-design a new battery model.

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    Design Battery

    We offer customization options related to the branding, appearance, and specification of the light EV batteries, as well as functions like screen display and bluetooth.

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    Battery Manufacturing

    Polinovel follows strict quality and durability inspections. During manufacturing, our lithium batteries undergo 12 test rounds with a 100% compliance rate.

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    At Polinovel, global shipping rules are followed. We protect the lithium batteries by pearl cotton and we ship orders quickly using our exceptional supply chain.


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